California State’s Prison/Parole Reform Plan Kills

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California State’s Prison/Parole Reform Plan Kills

Governor Schwarzenegger’s soft on crime policy already has taken the lives of two young Californians, and we are asking…how many more will be murdered, robbed, and raped?

The Crime Victims Action Alliance condemns the Governor’s prison/parole plan that he wants the Legislature to approve.

It is apparent with the murders over the past week of a young man in Woodland and a young woman in Los Angeles, that the Governor is risking the lives of all Californians to save a few bucks, stated Christine Ward, director of CVAA.

The Governor’s plan is dangerous and misleading.  Very few “non-violent/non-serious” felons go to prison.  The state continues to use the example of drug offenses as non violent crimes.  Los Angeles Police said The parolee just released from prison who killed Lily Burk was out looking for money to feed his drug addiction – how can the state say that drug crimes are not violent?

The labels “non-violent” and “non-serious” are misleading.  The state plans to use penal code definitions of non-violent and non-serious. These definitions have not been updated for years (and must be done so by the legislature) and crimes such as human trafficking, solicitation to commit murder, physical child abuse, stalking, and killing/mutilating/torturing a domestic animal (a precursor to serial murder) are not considered violent or serious per the penal codes . CVAA sponsored SB440 (Denham) that would have included these crime in the list of violent/serious – but this bill is sitting in a committee in Sacramento waiting to be voted on later in the year, it is expected not to pass because it would send people to prison –something the state says we cannot afford.

“The people of the state of California have voted time and again, for tough punishments for criminals, not just violent criminals – all criminals!” stated Christine Ward, director of CVAA

The CVAA will continue to work with the administration to convince the Governor that public safety should be his number one priority. 

A few facts regarding the California prison and parole populations.

  • The state of California currently houses 159, 034 inmates in their facilities (this number does not include the 7880 that are housed out of state)
  • This equates to .4%, or 4 out of every 1000 residents of the state of California is currently serving time in prison.
  • In California there are 109,995 felons on parole.  This equates to .3% or 3 out of 1000 residents of the state is currently on parole.
  • Washington State, often compared to California, houses 16,614 inmates which equates to .3% of the population of the state of Washington in prison. Washington does not have parole.
  • Texas, which has 14 million fewer residents than California, but is the closest in population has an incarceration population of 162, 560 – that equates to .6% of their population.

Though California may incarcerate more felons than other states – California is larger than the other states in the union including Texas, which as 14 million fewer residents and incarnates more individuals than California.

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