Non-Violent/Non-Serious Suspect on non-revocable parole arrested three times in nine days

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By MARY WESTON – Staff Writer
Oroville Mercury-Register
Posted: 06/09/2010 12:44:27 AM PDT

OROVILLE — The Oroville Police Department has arrested an Oroville man who is on non-revocable parole for the third time in nine days – twice on burglary charges and once on vehicle theft charges.Lt. Bill LaGrone said Jesse Samuel Horton, 26, of Oroville, is an example of how non-revocable parole is impacting police departments.

Non-revocable parole, enacted by the California Legislature, went into effect on Jan. 25. This law allows the state to release “non-violent” offenders from prison without supervision, according to an OPD press release.

Under this form of parole, parolees do not report to a parole agent, cannot have a parole hold placed on them, and cannot be returned to custody for a parole violation.

“I would think the citizens of California would be very upset with the Legislature,” LaGrone said.

In 2005, Horton pleaded no contest to statutory rape. He was sentenced to prison and released this year on non-revocable parole.

OPD first arrested Horton on May 28 after a long chase by officers down alleys and through yards in the downtown. He was taken into custody and arrested on charges of resisting arrest and burglary, police reported.

On Thursday, Oroville police arrested Horton again on burglary charges.

Then Saturday, officers took Horton into custody on suspicion of burglary when they found him trying to break into the trunk of a car in the parking lot of 85 Rancho Vista Drive, police reported.

If Horton had been on regular parole, he would have gone back to prison May 28, so he wouldn’t have been involved in the second burglary or the car theft, LaGrone said.

Parolees on non-revocable parole will be discharged within 30 days of having been on parole for one year.

This attempt by the California Legislature to reduce prison overcrowding has begun to impact local communities, OPD said.

“They are just moving the problem back on the county and the municipalities,” LaGrone said.

This time, Horton’s bail was set at $90,000.


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